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9.1 Patch Reputation Guide

See how to level up your reputation in 9.1 Patch and check what rewards you can get!

9.1 Patch Reputation Guide

  • If you missed Maw farm now you can get paragon with Venari. You can get mount/gold/pet
  • 2 new fractions in Korthia - Death's Advance and The Archivists' Codex
  • Both reputations you can farm in Korthia and Maw on weekly/daily/wold quests.
  • From Death's Advance you can get contract and reputation paragon. From The Archivists' Codex you can also get reputation paragon.

Rewards for reputation with Death's Advance

Friendly (0/6k) — BOA gear for alt characters
Honored (0/12k) —220 level gear with domination socket
Revered (0/21k) — Maunt/recipe for contract
Exalted (21k/21k) — Additional socket for 1000 sould ashes/maunt/remodel

How to farm reputation with Death's Advance

1. 3-5 daily quest in Korthia | +125 rep for each
2. Weekly in Korthia | +750 rep
3. Assault in Maw twice in week | 350 rep for each
4. New event in Maw | +100-200 rep
5. World quest in Maw

Reward for reputation with The Archivists' Codex

  • 1st level (0/3k) starting level reputation
  • 2nd level ( 0/4.5) Treasures keys , upgrades for Korthia
  • 3rd level (0/6.5k) teleports in Korthia
  • 4th level (0/11k) reagents for gear craft upgrades till 230 level
  • 5th level (0/16k) upgrade for Korthia
  • 6th level (16k/16k) additional socket , upgrade for conduit, 239 level slot with domination socket

How to farm reputation with The Archivists' Codex

  1. Except all starting quests you can farm it by collecting relics
  2. Every 100 researches you can get 50 reputation with The Archivists' Codex
  3. You can farm reseatches everywhere in Korthia - daily/treasures/rares etc
  4. You need TomTOm or HandyNotes or another analog of treasures and rares addon.
  5. You can join raid in LFG to kill rares