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9.2 Crafting Updates WoW Shadowlands

To craft the new 291 runecarving items, you must first reach Honored with the new The Enlightened reputation from Zereth Mortis and finish Chapter 5, which is unlocked on week 3 of the patch(1st week of mythic). You can buy a recipe that will teach you a recipe for a new item: the Vestige of the Eternal. Based on your profession, you will need to farm specific items from the new Zereth Mortis zone as well as a legendary item similar to Korthite Crystals called Progenitor Essentia. After crafting the Vestige, it can be used as an optional reagent when crafting a runecarving item to set the ilvl of the item at 291. 


Progenitor Essentia also have an additional use: they are used to craft profession gear at ilvl 262. You can only have one 262 crafted piece equipped. These 262 crafted pieces can also be upgraded with a new minor effect via an optional crafting reagent. These additional effects will not be worth using the item over a higher ilvl piece but can give a small bonus in the first few weeks to an unlucky player who hasn’t upgraded from their 252 mythic items.