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Eranog Normal and Heroic Boss Guide - Vault of the Incarnates

Welcome to PewPewShop's Vault of the incarnates boss guides!

In this guide we will be covering Eranog, the first boss in the Vault of Incarnates raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty.
Eranog has two phases that repeat, with phase 2 always starting whenever the boss hits 100 energy.

Phase One:

Burning Wound: [Tank Mechanic] Each melee swing from the boss applies a stack of Burning Wound to the current tank that will deal an increasing fire damage until the tanks swap. We recommend swapping at around 5+ stacks but you should consult with your raid leader for your optimal setup.

Flamerift; Flame will target a couple of random players with the Flamerift debuff, when it expires an Add will spawn and it will leave behind a lava pool. Make sure to group up near the boss without overlapping and cleave down the adds as soon as possible.

Incinerating Roar: Eranog will periodically cast Incinerating Road which does a burst of raid-wide AoE damage and applies a stacking fire DoT on everyone.

Molten Spikes: Will also spawn periodically during the fight doing damage to everyone caught in it. When Eranog casts Incinerating Roar he will destroy all already exisiting Spikes doing damage to everyone and a bit more damage to anyone near a Molten Spike. So Avoid the spikes when they appear and stay out of their area when the boss is casting Incinerating Roar.

Molten Cleave: is a frontal ability cast by the boss on a random raid member. Make sure to get out of its away.

Phase Two:

At 100 Energy or about 90 seconds into the fight, the boss will run to the middle and start channeling Pulsing Flames.

Pulsing Flames: Will add a raid wide pulse of AoE damage.

Primal Flame: Primal Flame adds will also start spawning all around the platform forming a massive ring of fire, Upon contact with the ring of fire you will take lethal fire damage and will be stunned for 3 seconds. Your raid group needs to quickly mark one of the adds and nuke it down to create a safe passage for your raid to run through.

Once the ring of fire has passed phase one will start again and with that you should have all the information you need to take down Eranog on Normal and Heroic difficulties!





Vault of the Incarnates Heroic raid