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Temple of the Jade Serpent Bosses Breakdown

Hello and welcome to PewPewShops Mythic + dungeon boss breakdowns where we simplify boss abilities and give you a quick idea on how to deal with this.

This one is for The Temple of the Jade Serpent

Wise Mari

Hydrolance: The boss will be casting this throughout the entire fight make sure to have a kick order in check to minimize the damage taken from this ability

Corrupted Vortex: a random player will be targeted by this ability after 6 it will erupt doing damage and leaving a puddle on the floor. This puddle will do damage if you stand in it as well as slow your movement speed. Make sure to drop this debuff on the outer edges of the platform to have easier time dealing with the rest of the bosses mechanics

Corrupted Geyser will cause the water around the room to erupt knocking players upwards and dealing some damage.

Wash Away: The boss will start channeling a water beam and rotating in a random direction, getting hit by the beam does lethal damage and needs to be avoided.

-Drop the Corrupted Vortex on the outer edges of the room
-Healers should spot heal players with Corrupted Vortex debuff as it does a lot of damage
-Have a kick order ready for Hydrolance and make sure its always interrupted
-Avoid walking on the water during Corrupted Geyser as it will do a lot of damage and thought you up in the air which can be deadly combined with Wash Away
-Avoid the beam from Wash Away

Strife and Peril

Intensity: is a ramping damage overtime done by the boss and stacking up the more the bosses take damage. and is the main mechanic of this fight

Agony will blast a random player for moderate damage

Feeling of Superiority: Random player will gain this buff that will deal damage to them and give them increased damage and healing the longer the buff lasts, the damage taken will also go up with the stack. You can pass this buff to a different player when the stacks get to high

Dissipation: Will cause the boss to deal less by 10% per stack as long as it stays unattacked

-You should look to swap bosses at around 6-7 stacks to avoid hitting the shield immunity phase and minmizing the damage your party takes
-We recommend giving the Feeling of Superiority butt to the healer so they can keep up with the damage on the fight, simply just walk over to the healer if you get the buff
-Avoid cleaving the bosses so the stacks and can rest and Dissipation buff gets applied to one of the bosses
-Tanks might need to rotate cooldowns on Agony to be able to survive the fight.

Liu Flameheart

Phase One
Serpent Strike: [Tank Mechanic] will deal heavy damage to the tank and needs to be mitigated by defensive cooldowns

Serpent Kick: A big circle debuff around the boss that wil deal heavy damage to anyone caught in it, in addition this ability will shoot out flames in four directions. make sure to dodge all of that.

Phase Two
Jade Serpent Strike: [Tank Mechanic] Similar to the tank ability from phase one but will now additionally leave a heal absorb on the tank

 Jade Serpent Kick" Same as the phase one kick but in addition the four waves traveling outwards will now leave green patches on the floor that does damage if you stand in it.

At 30% HP the boss will run to the middle of the platform and start phase three

Phase Three
Jade Fire: Shoots flames at random targets, if you are hit by this ability you will take damage and be knocked back
Jade Fire Breath: a frontal cone attack to a random direction that will deal damage to anyone caught in the breath

-This fight is all about dodging and almost any ability will insta kill you
-Dodge the incoming fire waves from Serpent kick
-Dodge the incoming jade wave from Jade Serpent kick
-Dont stand on the gree flame sleft by Jade Serpent kick
-Dodge the swirlies from Jade Fire
-Dodge the Frontal from Jade Fire Breath
-Healers and tanks should use cooldowns during Serpent Strike and Jade Serpent Strike

Sha of Doubt

Nothingness: is a pulsing aoe damage that does damage throughout the fight

Wither Will: Will debuff two players with a heavy DoT that can be dispelled. Dispel this as fast as you can and spot heal the other player.

Bounds of Reality: The boss will walk to the center of the room, become immune to damage and spawn adds from each player. Group the adds down and nuke them as fast as possible

-Healers to be careful as the fight is very healing intensive due to the Nothingness debuff
-Dispel one of the players targeted by Wither Will and spot heal the second player
-Classes like priest and warlocks are really good as they present you with a second dispel which makes the fight so much easier
-Group up the adds and nuke them as fast as possible so you can start dpsing the boss again