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The Nokhud Offensive Bosses Breakdown

Hello and welcome to PewPewShops Mythic + dungeon boss breakdowns where we simplify boss abilities and give you a quick idea on how to deal with this.

In this guide we will cover the bosses in The Nokhud Offensive dungeon


Tectonic Stomp: Is a massive AoE circle around the boss that does a lot of damage and knocks players away, make sure to run out of the circle before it detonates

Shards of Stone: is an unavoidable massive AoE damage effect ability healers need to pay attention to this ability and out heal it as fast as they can

Eruption: is cast when the boss reaches 100 energy and it will deal almost lethal damage to your entire party and increased the damage of the next tick of Eruption. the only way to deal with this ability is to sun the boss using one of the Dragonkiller Lance ballista around the boss. Make sure that someone is firing the lance immediately.

Nokhud Saboteur: will periodically spawn during the fight if left unattended the saboteur will dismantle the Dragonkiller Lance ballista and render them useless ultimately causing you to wipe on the Eruption cast. These adds are prioritized  and should be CC'd and killed as soon as the spawn

Dragonkiller Lance: When you click it, it will stun the boss for 5 seconds, interrupt his Eruption cast and take 5% of the bosses health, must only be used on Eruption casts or when the boss is around 5% health.

-Run out of Tectonic Stomp to avoid taking the damage from the circle
-Use personal defensive cooldowns or healing cooldowns to survive this ability
-Assign a player to be in charge of using the Dragonkiller Lance ballista to stop the boss from using Eruption
-Crowd control and nuke the Nokhud Saboteur add as fast as you can
-If the boss is near dead you can ignore the Nokhud Saboteur and focus down the boss, but make sure to use abilities like Polymorph, Blind or Paralysis to make sure it doesn't get to the Dragonkiller Lance ballista.

The Raging Tempest

Energy Surge: [Tank Mechanic] The boss will cast this buff on himself giving it increased melee attack speed and damage for a couple of seconds, this buffis dispellable and should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the tank from taking too much damage. Use offensive Purges, Dispel magic, Consume magic, spell steal to get rid of it.

Lightning Strike: Marks every player with a huge circle that does damage after a couple of seconds to the players and anyone in their circle, this will also destroy any Lightning Orbs that are around and making them explode in an area around their location. Try to spread and not hit other players with this ability.

Uncontrollable Energy: The boss will summon Lighting orbs that will move slowly towards it coming into contact with the orb will deal some damage and grant you or the boss 5% increased damage and healing stacking with each Lighting Orb soaked.

Electrical Storm: When the boss reaches 100 Energy it will cast Electrical Storm which does a lot of party wide damage, healers need to use cool downs during this phase.

-Assign a spot for each player before engaging the boss to make it easier to collect orbs and not overlap lightning strikes
-Dispel Energy Surge of the boss as fast as you can
-Try to soak orbs to keep the damage buff for as long as you can(you can have up to maximum of 10 stacks)
-Avoid overllaping Lightning Strikes or hitting Lightning Orbs with it so you can refresh your damage buff
-Use personal defensive cooldowns and healing cooldowns during Electrical Storm to keep up with the damage taken
-Do not stand directly under the boss as you will be taking damage

Teera and Maruuk

These bosses share HP pool so its important to stack and cleave them as much as possible. the bosses will also gain a damage increase aura for every second they spent apart from each other


Quick Shot: Will fire at a random player doing moderate amount of damage, healers need to spot heal this as fast as they can.
Spirit Leap: The boss will start jumping to a different location marked with a big blue circle on the ground.
Gale Arrow: At 100 Energy Teera will use Gale Arrow which marks all players doing some damage and causing 4 tornadoes to spawn from each players location, getting hit by these tornadoes will cause a lot of damage and will knock players back.
Repel: The boss will cast this ability and push players away
Guardian Wind: Is a follow up to the Repel cast is a channeled ability that will deal damage as long as its not interrupted, you should interrupt it as fast as you can.


Brutalize: [Tank Mechanic] Is a high damage tank buster that needs to be mitigated with defensives.
Frightful Roar: is a 4 second cast that will do damage and fear any player caught in the circle. This fear can be dispelled by healers and immuned by various abilities like Tremor Totem, Cloak of Shadows, Berserker Rage, Lichborne etc..
Earthsplitter: at 100 Energy the boss will cast Earthsplitter which will send a massive line towards random players doing massive damage and leaving behind a trail on the floor that erupts for more damage after 2 seconds

-Make sure the bosses are stacked all the time as they share HP pool and you would benefit from cleaving
-Healers should top off players who get hit by Quickshot
-Quickly move out of the Frightful Roar circle to avoid getting feared. Healers can also dispel players who get feared.
-The circle spawned by Teera using Spirit Leap does no damage and is safe to stand on to quickly damage the boss again after she jumps
-Avoid the tornadoes spawned by Gale Arrow
-Quickly Interrupt Guardian Wind
-Avoid the lines from Earthsplitter and the ground effect they leave afterwards
-Tanks use some active mitigation or defensive cooldowns on Brutalize

Blakar Khan

This is a 2 phase boss fight with a brief add intermission

Phase One

Rending Strike: [Tank Mechanic] Does a big chunk of damage to the tank and leaves behind a nasty bleed effect this ability will also increase the damage you take from savage strike by 500%. this is your queue to pop defensive cooldowns and deal with this ability.

Iron Spear: Will be cast on a random player doing some unavoidable damage, the boss will then charge towards the spears location doing massive damage to anyone caught in its path.

Upheaval: is a huge frontal towards a random player that should be dodged. this will also cause a circle to erupt from each player doing damage to everyone around them

Crackling Upheaval: Is just a blue swirly that you constantly need to be dodging

Once the boss reaches 60% hp it will go into intermission

The boss will become immune to damage and you will have to kill a bunch of Nokhud Stormcaster adds, these adds will need to be collected and kicked and quickly killed as the longer you stay in intermission the more damage you will take.

Phase Two
After killing all the adds you will go into phase 2

Conductive Strike: [Tank Mechanic] this ability will apply a heavy dot to the tank and increase the damage they take from Thunderstrike by 500%. this ability is dispellable and should be removed as soon as possible.
Static Spear: The boss will target a random player with static spear and then pull all players to his location he will then do the same charge from phase one. quickly move out of the way after getting pulled in.
Upheaval: the same frontal and circle mechanic from phase one except this time it will leave a pool on the floor
Crackling Upheaval: Is just a blue swirly that you constantly need to be dodging

-We recommend tanking the boss near the rock on the left side of the arena as it will make it easier to deal with his charge
-If targeted by spear quickly run before the rock, this will cause the boss to charge into the rock and not run too far (using abilities like Shadowmeld or Vanish will cancel the spear and charge if timed correctly)
-Stay out of the bosses way when he charges
-Dodge blue swirlies
-Stay spread to avoid hitting each other with Upheaval
-Dodge the frontal
-Have a kick order ready for the intermission phase as the adds cast do a lot of damage
-You can crowd control the adds during intermission with Polymorph, Paralysis, Blind etc to make it easier to kill them. You can always crowd control one or two to make the fight easier
-Drop your pools at a safe distance from everyone in phase two and avoid standig in them