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Lost Ark End game Pack 802 ilvl - Tier 2 ready

Lost Ark End game pack: 802 ilvl. Tier 2 ready

Lost Ark is the newest MMORPG published by Amazon and taking the world by storm

Embark on an odyssey for the Lost Ark in a vast, vibrant world: explore new lands, seek out lost treasures, and test yourself in thrilling action combat. Define your fighting style with your class and advanced class, and customize your skills, weapons, and gear to bring your might to bear as you fight against hordes of enemies, colossal bosses, and dark forces seeking the power of the Ark in this action-packed free-to-play RPG.

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What are the options?

  • Reach Level 50 with 802 GS / Item Level / Tier 2 ready
  • Level 50 Reached
  • Choose your leveling speed Standard - Express
  • Standart - Up to 14 days
  • Express - Up to 8 days
  • All Dungeons, raids and activities cleared until max level and item level achieved and order is finished
  • 100% Safe and secure, no bots, scripts or cheats used during the process


  • Active Lost Ark Account
Lost Ark End game Pack 802 ilvl - Tier 2 ready
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