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Faction Tokens Farm

With New World initial release date and the game taking the world by storm, every one is looking to compete to the top.

PewPewShop is offering faction token farm a service that allows you to farm faction tokens in the fastest possible way which can be used on end-game loot from the faction quartermaster

So whether you are busy or simply just don't want to go through that grindy process, PewPewShop offers you the fastest most reliable way to get your faction tokens

Our team is made of very experienced players who have countlessly studied all the best possible ways to farm tokens in the most efficient way possible

What do I get with this package?

When you buy this farm you will get your chosen number of faction tokens done in a smooth and efficient manner

  • Your desired amount of faction tokens
  • Reputation with your chosen faction
  • A lot of faction missions completed
  • Territory standings
  • Experience 
  • You keep all items and coins made during the farm
  • 100% handmade, safe and reliable service
  • Customizable service


  • New World Account
  • Level 10+ character
  • Steam Guard Active
Faction Tokens Farm
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