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Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition boost

Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition is one of the high level 5-Player PvE content unlocked at level 60 making it one of the expedition you will be farming for Tier V loot

So whether you don't have the time or simply don't want to struggle getting this activity done on your own, buying this boost from us will ensure you get your run complete in the cheapest, fastest and most efficient way!

What will I get?

  • Lazarus Instrumentality expedition completed
  • Achievement "Bullseye?"
  • New Title "Giant Slayer" 
  • Chance on rare Tier V gear and weapons
  • All loot, coins obtained through the run
  • 1200+ Weapon Mastery Point Per Run
  • 100% Safe, handmade, reliable service.
  • Boost option even if you don't have the tuning orb


  • New World Account
  • Level 60 character
  • 1 Lazarus Tuning Orb per run requested, or pick the boost option for us to provide you with the Orb
  • Steam Guard Active


Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition boost
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