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Leatherworking Trade Skill Boost

Trade skills are one of the most important features of the new MMORPG New World as it allows you to craft and obtain rare equipment and materials.

Getting your trade skills leveled early will allow you to craft and obtain the rarest of equipment and overtake the New World economy which turns into profit and the best way of getting Coins the in game currency early on.

What is included in the boost?

  • Leatherworking trade skill leveled from your desired level and up to 200
  • Unlock the ability to refine leather and hide at the tannery
  • Keep all the coins and crafted items obtained during the boost
  • Achievement: Master Tanner (For reaching level 200)
  • 100% Safe, handmade and reliable boosting service guarantee


  • New World Account
  • Steam Guard Active 
Leatherworking Trade Skill Boost
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