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New World Leveling boost

New World is set to initial release date at September 28 so make sure to pre order your boost now to guarantee a spot.

Whether you are busy when the game is released or simply just don't want to go through the entire leveling process, PewPewShop offers you the fastest most reliable way to level.

Our team is made of very experienced players who have countlessly studied all the best possible ways to reach max level as quick and efficient as possible to make sure your leveling experience is as good as it gets.

What do I get at max level?

The game basically starts when you reach max level so you want to do it as fast as possible, your character progresses per level and you will unlock more and more features as you advance;

  • All level attribute points unlocked
  • All bags, weapons slots, rings and earrings unlocked
  • Tier 5 campfire
  • Unlock the ability to buy 3 houses for fast travel
  • Access to high level gear and dungeons
  • Unlock more content like Invasions, outpost rush etc..
  • You keep all items and coins made during leveling
New World Leveling boost
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