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Weapon Mastery Boost

With New World initial release date and the game taking the world by storm, every one is looking to compete to the top.
And since the game doesn't have an actual class system, all your skills, perks, abilities etc are tied to your weapon

That means getting your weapon mastery up is very important, and to reach the maximum potential of your weapon you need to start leveling it up, however this process can be very boring and grindy.

So whether you are busy or simply just don't want to go through the entire leveling process, PewPewShop offers you the fastest most reliable way to get your weapon mastery up

Our team is made of very experienced players who have countlessly studied all the best possible ways to reach max level as quick and efficient as possible to make sure your leveling experience is as good as it gets.

What do I get with this boost?

Any weapon you use in New World will start at level 0 and will slowly increase in potency as you fight wild animals, players, etc.. as your experience goes up you will unlock  skill points that you can then use on one of the two weapon trees available on your arms

  • Chosen weapon leveled from your desired level and up to level 20 (max)
  • 20 points to use on your weapon tree
  • Access to all perks and masteries for your desired weapon
  • You keep all items and coins made during leveling
  • 100% handmade, safe and reliable service
  • Customizable service


  • New World Account
  • Your desired weapon in bags
  • Level 60 character
  • Steam Guard Active
Weapon Mastery Boost
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