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could you que for dungeons in wotlk

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9/26/2022 7:18:01 AM
When Wrath of the Lich King launched back in 2008, one of the biggest changes it brought to the then-seven-year-old World of Warcraft was the addition of dungeon finder. For the first time, players could queue up for dungeons with specific roles in mind and be matched up with other players who also needed those roles. It was a huge convenience, and it made finding a group for a dungeon much, much easier.

But Wrath is long gone now, and with it, dungeon finder. In its place is group finder, which fills a similar role but is specific to flex-level raid content. So what happened to dungeon finder? Why was it removed, and will it ever come back?

The short answer is that, no, dungeon finder will likely never come back to World of Warcraft. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

When Wrath launched, dungeon finder was a game-changer. It made it much easier to find a group for dungeons, and it helped to streamline the process of getting into one. Prior to dungeon finder, players would have to either organize their own groups or find a pre-made group in their faction's capital city.

With dungeon finder, players could queue up for a dungeon and be matched with other players who also needed that dungeon. The system would then put the group together and teleport them into the dungeon. It was a huge convenience, and it made finding a group for a dungeon much, much easier.

However, dungeon finder had a few problems. One was that it was often abused by players who would queue for a dungeon and then AFK (away from keyboard) through the entire thing. This would often result in the group wipe, and it was a huge annoyance for the other players.

Blizzard eventually added a dungeon finder deserter debuff that would prevent players who had abandonned a dungeon from queueing up for another one for a period of time. This helped to curb the problem, but it didn't completely solve it.

Another problem with dungeon finder was that it created a lot of pressure on players to perform at a high level. Because players were matched up with others who also needed that dungeon, there was often a feeling of "I need to get this done as quickly as possible so I can get out and do something else."

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