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Full Gear from Mythic+

Mythic+ Dungeons Full Gear

Mythic + Dungeons full gear is the ultimate gearing option for new characters and alts. Get as many pieces of gear as you possibly can in just a few hours. We will set up a team tailored for you with your same armor stack to ensure the most loot for your spec/class. You will get 288 ilvl upgradable gear up to 298 iLvl! All gear will be traded out to you for fastest way of gearing up.

How does it work?

  • Our team will run you through as many dungeons till you have the specific gear iLvl you ordered in every possible slot!
  • Choose from multiple options: 288/298 iLvl gear.
  • All the gear will be traded to you, you also get to keep anything you loot.
  • No gear requirement! you don’t need any gear to apply for this boost so you can enjoy a fast and efficient gearing experience.


  • Level 60 character
  • No minimum iLvl required
  • An active account on either region, EU or US
Full Gear from Mythic+
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