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Glory of the Hero

With WoW WoTLK Classic set to release soon, we are all getting hyped and you must be too! Being one of Blizzards best and most anitcipated releases yet WoTLK classic is taking the scene by storm. We here at PewPewShop going to make sure you're well prepared for the release. If you want to get ahead of the curve and have a good start to compete in the big leagues we have got all the offfers for you, pre order our boosts now and make sure you are ready for release!

Glory of The Hero boost

Glory of The Hero is a meta-achievement awarded for completing 37 various dungeon achivements in the WoTLK expansion. The achievement may vary and diffuclty and is usually really difficuly to do solo without an experienced group. Our team at PewPewShop is here to help you get your achievement in the easiest, fatest and most effecient way possible.

What do I get from this boost?


  • Level 80 character
Glory of the Hero
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