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Glory of the Dragonflight Hero

Buy Glory of the Dragonflight Hero and unlock this meta-achievement and get your Shellack mount!

Glory of the Hero is one of WoWs most famous meta-achivements and it usually rewards a unique seasonal mount. The Meta-achievement requires you to complete a bunch of dungeon related achievements in order to finish it up and obtain the mount. The dungeon achievements are usually extremely hard to execute and finish, especially at the start of the expansion and with LFG.

If you want to get your new shiny mount the easy way, our team at PewPewShop will help you finish it in no time.

What do I get from this boost?

  • Shellack mount!
  • Your desired achievement unlocked
  • All 8 dungeons done completed 
  • Chance to loot 372 ilvl gear
  • Multiple achivements unlocked during the process

Are there any additional options?

  • Keep all the gold and loot obtained during the process
  • 100% legit boost, no bots or cheats used.
  • Choose your own speed; 
  • Normal: Basic place in the queue
  • Express: High priority (30% faster)
  • Super Express: Highest Prioirty (Done as soon as possible)
  • Option to have the booster live stream for you.


  • Your desired character
  • An active WoW subscription
Glory of the Dragonflight Hero
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