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Apex Wins Farm Boost

Apex Legend is one of the most popular, competitive, unique and free to play battle royale game out there and with free loot boxes and character locks gated behind levels, leveling up in Apex becomes very desirable 

Apex Legends Wins Boost allows you to work on getting as many wins as you want in a short amount of time

If you want to win more games in Apex Legends this service is for you, our team made of dedicated and experienced pred players will make sure you get all the wins you need

We know how frustrating it is to play with lower skilled teammates and going on losing streaks, so whether you are fed up from random team mates, or don't have the time, we have the solution for you

What will I get when I order this boost?

  • The chosen amount of wins in the shortest amount of time
  • Access to all the battle pass rewards during the boost
  • All the tokens farmed during the boosting process
  • All the achievements unlocked during the boosting process
  • Unlock legends as you level so you can have more
  • 100% guaranteed completion of service
  • 100% Legit, no cheats, bots or programs involved
  • Safe, reliable and safe leveling experience.

The packages/options:

Self-play: No one pilots your account
Appear Offline: All the boost is done in offline mode and we will not reply to any messages
Specific Legend: Choose specific legends to unlock as you go
Live Support: Always keep track of your order with our live chat support


Original Apex Legends copy
Account sharing if chosen


Wins Boost
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