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New World Harvesting Leveling Guide

In this guide we go over the most straight forward way to get your Harvesting Trade Skill to level 200 in New World with some added tips and tricks, and if you would like to skip all the grind you can check our website and order a leveling boost

New World Harvesting Leveling Guide

Harvesting is another gathering Trade Skill in New World that allows players to gather raw plant, and resources  from harvesting nodes and is also complimentary to the other crafting skills in the game as  the materials are needed for other trade skills like (Armorsmithing, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing. It is also used for stonecutting, smelting and other refining skills)

To get started on mining you are gonna need a flint harvesting sickle. This requires Engineering level 0 along with 1 Flint and 1 Green Wood to craft it.

As your skills progress you can upgrade to a better harvesting sickle.

What are the different types of harvesting nodes in New World?

Here is a list of all the Mining nodes based on type, and when you are able to track them.  
  • Farm Plants: harvesting level 0, tracking level 20

  • Hemp: harvesting level 0, tracking level 25

  • Fungi: harvesting level 0

  • Magical Creatures: harvesting level 0, tracking level 175

  • Magical Plants: harvesting level 30, tracking level 45

  • Silkweed: harvesting level 100, tracking level 125

  • Wirefiber: harvesting level 175, tracking level 200

How to level Harvesting?

Leveling Harvesting is very simple. You see it, you harvest it. There are some plants that will yield better experience over others in which you can focus your harvesting, but it will depend on the availability of these items as you may not be the only player seeking out these harvesting nodes.

It takes a total of 465,521 experience to reach level 200. and you would want to mine the highest tier nodes that are currently available to you.

The best way to level up Harvesting is to gather Herbs, Blueberries, Berries, and Wirefiber as they give the best amount of experience per gather.

If you reach the point when you can instantly harvest, you should focus on Silkweed or Wirefiber as there are plenty of them to go around.

Location of harvesting nodes and dyes;

  • Bumbleblossom & Brown Dye- Weaver’s Fen
  • Tanglewisp & Cyan Dye – First Light
  • Cascaded Gillflower & White Dye – Great Cleave
  • Corrupted Bloodspore & Red Dye- Shattered Mountain
  • Weeping Shellbed & Cyan Dye – Reekwater
  • Fronded Petalcap & Turquoise Dye – Windsward
  • Slimy Twistcap & Black Dye – Brightwood
  • Spinecap & Blue Dye – Restless Shore
  • Suncreeper & Orange Dye – Everfall
  • Tanglewisp & Magenta Dye – First Light
  • Tendrilspine & Yellow Dye – Cutlass Keys
  • Toadpot & Yellow Dye – Mourningdale
  • Void Pitcher & Violet Dye – Ebonscale Reach
  • Warm Platecap & Green Dye – Monarch’s Bluffs

Some additional helpful tips;

  • Lumberjack's Discipline - A harvesting perk that increases your harvesting experience by [3-9.4]% based on the gear score value of the Harvesting Sickle
  • Harvesting Trophies - Gives different perks to your harvesting (Requires Furnishing)
  • Food Buffs - Some food like "Cooked Corn" will give you harvesting perks


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