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New World Tracking and Skinning Leveling Guide

Skinning is one of the most important trade skills in new world and also one of the most tedious to level up, here we show you the best method, or you can book a boost!

New World Tracking and Skinning Leveling Guide

Tracking & Skinning is a Gathering Trade Skill in New World. Tracking & Skinning allows for the gathering of Animal Hides used in a variety of Crafting and Refining skills like (Armorsmithing, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing. It is also used for stonecutting, smelting etc..) Tracking & Skinning also allows the player to track animals throughout the wilderness.

We will show you a simple way to grind your Skinning to max level!

To get started on Skinning you are gonna need a flint skinning knife. This requires 1 Flint and 1 Green Wood to craft 

As your skills progress you can upgrade to a better skinning knife.

What are the different types of animals and how to track them in New World?

Here is a list of all the trackable preys and at what level you unlock them;
  • Small Prey: Tracked At Skinning Skill level 25

  • Medium Prey: Tracked At Skinning Skill level 50

  • Large Prey: Tracked At Skinning Skill level 75

  • Small Predator: Tracked At Skinning Skill level 125

  • Large Predator: Tracked At Skinning Skill level 175

How to level Tracking & Skinning?

You would want to create yourself a farming route for skinning, as it can take up some time and be quite tedious. We are going to be killing and skinning wolfs from 0 to 70 and Lushunt Pointers from 70 to 200

  • Level 1 to 70: We are gonna be hunting and killing wolfs in any wolf wen in Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, Windsward, or First Light
  • Level 70 to 200: We now can go to the Cutlass Keys region. The area you need to find is called Balmy Veldt, and it’s near the center of Cutlass Keys and we are gonna be hunting and skinning Lushunt Pointers

Some additional helpful tips;

  • Tanner’s Discipline - A Skinning perk that increases your Skinning experience by [3-9.4]% 
  • Skinning Trophies - Gives different perks to your Skinning (Requires Furnishing)
  • Food Buffs - Some food like "Roasted Carrots" will give you Skinning perks

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