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New World Fire Staff Leveling Build

The best way to level up Fire staff efficiently and which skills you should be using, you can also buy weapon leveling boost, check our website for more info

New World Fire Staff Leveling Guide

The Fire staff is a mana-based weapon in New World that scales with intellect. The Fire staff has a good single target and huge AOE damage making it one of the best DPS weapons. We will show you the best mastery and Fire Staff setup for optimal leveling

The Fire Staff mastery tree is split into two; Fire Mage and Pyromancer

Fire Mage;

This is a tree focused on critical strike, damage and mana management .

There are three active abilities; 

  • Pillar of Fire: A targeted spell that deals 134.0% weapon damage.
  • Meteor Shower: Channel a spell that rains down meteors, dealing 34.0% weapon damage on initial impact and an additional 20.0% weapon damage per second while targets remain in the AOE.
  • Fireball: Fire off a heavy fireball that deals 140.0% weapon damage on impact and leave a 3m burning field that lasts 6s. The burning field dealing 10.0% weapon damage each second.

The key passive in this tree is Runes of Helios, This passive allows to get a damage modifier after casting a fire spell. 


Pyromancer is focused more around damage over time and tankiness

There are three active abilities;

  • Flamethrower: Create a jet of flame from the tip of staff dealing 34.0% weapon damage each second. Each hit catches enemies on fire dealing 3.0% weapon damage each second for 6.0s.
  • Incinerate: Cause a fiery explosion dealing 130.0% weapon damage and pushes back all enemies 3.0m. Catches enemies on fire dealing 3.0% weapon damage each second for 6.0s.
  • Burn Out: Dash through targets dealing 129.0% weapon damage on hit. Passing through a target will catch the target on fire applying a Burn that deals 10.0% weapon damage each second for 8.0s.

The Key Passive in the Pyromancer is Reheat.  Reheat will increase the Fire Staff user's Mana Regen to 400% if the user does not activate an ability in 6 seconds.


Recommended Fire Staff Leveling Build:

Fire staff Leveling build

 Remember! This is a leveling focused build that plays around rounding up a couple of enemies and unleashing fiery hell on them to quickly annihilate them, are all abilities that can hit multiple targets at once, so AoE pulling mobs is highly recommended while leveling.

Weapon Abilities:



  • Scorched Earth - Fireball’s burning field persists for 9s.



  • Scorched - Each hit of Incinerate causes an additional stack of burning.
  • Flame out! - Incinerate hits twice.
  • Cauterize Wounds - Restore 20.0% of Incinerate damage dealt as health.

Burn Out


  • All in -  Fire Staff cooldowns are reduced by 5.0% for each foe hit by Burn Out.
  • Heat it Up! - .Burn Out goes 50% further.

General Playstyle:

The most efficient way to utilize this build and level up your staff quickly is mass pulling, you are going to want to group up as many mobs as you can and nuke them down, with the above perks and passives selected it should take about two spell rotations to down an entire camp, still make sure to do the necessary dodging and you should be fine.

Attribute Points:

The Fire Staff solely scales off Intelligent and points should prioritized to be spent on Intelligent only and you want to keep doing so until you get the 200 Intellect perk which gives you +10 mana on each successful dodge.

Intellect benefits:

  • 50: +10% damage to light and heavy magic attacks
  • 100: +10% critical hit damage
  • 150: +15% to elemental damage
  • 200: +10 mana after a dodge

This sums up the guide and one of the most efficient ways to level up your Fire Staff Weapon in New World.

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