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New World Musket Leveling Build

One of the highest single target damage weapon in the game, the musket has a super satisfying playstyle, learn how to level it efficiently or book a boost and get it done fast

New World Musket Leveling Guide

The Musket is a pure damage, long-ranged weapon in New World and has the potential to scale into one of the best single target damage in New World

The Musket mastery tree is split into two; Ice Sharpshooter and Trapper


This is a tree is purely focused on damage, especially single target, and as you move down the tree it scales exponentially 

There are three active abilities; 

  • Powershot: Overload musket with gun powder, causing the next shot to deal 150.0% Weapon Damage. Does not stack or combine with other overload shots.
  • Powder Burn: Overload musket with gun powder, causing the next shot to deal 110.0% Weapon Damage and cause a Burn status effect that deals 20.0% Weapon Damage per second for 9.0 seconds. Does not stack or combine with other overload shots.
  • Shooter's Stance: Player enters a shooting aim stance to enhance shooting performance. Shots deal 100.0% Weapon damage. While in stance mobility is reduced to zero and reload time is reduced by 75%. Mode will exit after three shots.

The Key Passive in the Sharpshooter Tree is Sniper which gives you a 15% increased headshot damage modifier and an optional 3x zoom scope to your Musket


Trapper is a crowd-control focused tree which revolves around keeping your enemies locked down with roots and slows.

There are three active abilities;

  • Traps: Throw a trap that last for 20 seconds. When triggered it causes target to be Rooted, immobilizing target for 3.0 seconds.
  • Stopping Power: Overload musket with gun powder, causing the next shot to deal 120.0% Weapon Damage, staggering target and knocking them back 3.0 meters. Does not stack or combine with other Overloaded shots.
  • Entombed: A bomb that can be thrown a short range and sticks to anything it makes contact with. Detonation will occur 3 seconds after impact dealing 175.0% weapon damage to all targets within 3.0 meters.

The Key passive in the Trapper tree is Lethal Combo. This passive gives you a 20% increased damage modifier to targets under the effect of a trapper status


Recommended Musket Skill Tree Build:

Remember! This is a leveling focused build that revolves around doing as much headshot damage from max range to enemies before they reach you 

Weapon Abilities:

Power Shot


  • Initial Engagement - When you hit with Power Shot gain Empower, causing attacks to deal an additional 10% damage for 5 seconds.
  • First Blood - .+10% additional damage to targets with full health.
  • Bullseye - Power Shot headshots reduce Power Shot’s cooldown by 15%.

Shooter's Stance


  • Shoot More - Shots fired before exiting stance increased to five.
  • Marksman - If 3 consecutive shots hit the same target, reduce all other musket cooldowns by 25%.

Powder Run


  • Backdraft -  Standard musket shots deal 12% additional damage while target is on fire.

General Playstyle:

The Musket playstyle is simple, you want to do as much headshot damage from maximum range as much as you can. But don't feel discouraged if the weapon feels underwhelming at the start as it gets crazy strong later on, the more you move into the tree and buff headshot damage the better the weapon get, you'll be able to finish off enemies before they even reach you.

What you want to do is sit at maximum range and make sure to land headshots, and since the weapon is hit-scan meaning the bullets don't have travel time this should make it really easy to land long range shots

Attribute Points:

The Musket scales with both Dexterity and Intelligence, you will want to mix and match these attribute points for better results, but we recommend going for the 200 Dexterity bonus asap as it gives us 10% increased headshot damage which what the build is revolved around, you will then want the 100 Intelligence bonus which gives us 10% critical hit damage which indirectly buff our 200 Dexterity bonus damage to headshot


  • 50: +5% change to critical hit
  • 150: Dodging costs 10 less stamina
  • 200: +10% bonus backstab and headshot damage


  • 100: +10% to critical hit damage


  • 50: All consumables are +20% stronger
  • 100: Increase max health by 10% of physical armor

Getting to 200 Dexterity here is crucial for the 10% increased headshot damage then you can go for the 100 intelligence critical damage buff and constitution is always a good choice

This sums up the guide and one of the most efficient ways to level up your Musket Weapon in New World.

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