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New World Spear Leveling Build

One of the best crowd control melee weapons and longest reach, find out the best leveling build here, or book a boost and let us do it for you

New World Spear Leveling Build

The Spear is a Two-handed melee weapon in New World that scales off Dexterity and Strength, it has a ton of crowd control abilities and the longest range for a melee weapon

The Spear mastery tree is split into two; Zoner and Impaler


This is a tree is mainly focused on crowd control and it has plenty of that! it also offers some ranged abilities

There are three active abilities; 

  • Javelin: Throw your spear, dealing 125.0% weapon damage and staggering on hit.
  • Sweep: Sweep the target's legs, dealing 75.0% weapon damage and knocking them down.
  • Cyclone: Spin attack that deals 110.0% weapon damage, pushes targets back 3.0m and applies 50.0% Slow for 3.0s.

The Key passive in the Zoner tree is Reserved Strength, Reserved Strength gives you a 25% increased damage modifier as long as your Stamina bar is full, this a big damage increase but it is not always worth it to not be able to dodge to have the damage buff.


The Impaler tree is more focused on damage over time and managing debuffs on your enemies

There are three active abilities;

  • Perforate: Three quick piercing strikes that each deal 70.0% weapon damage and apply Rend, reducing the target's damage absorption by 5.0% for 10.0 seconds.
  • Skewer: Rush forward and skewer your target, dealing 125.0% weapon damage. Applies Bleed (10.0% weapon damage) every 1.0 second for 10.0 seconds.
  • Vault Kick: Use your spear to vault forward and kick your target, dealing 75.0% weapon damage. Applies Stun for 1.5 seconds.

The key passive in the Impaler skill tree is Exploit Weakness, This ability gives you a 10% increased damage to targets who are debuffed up to 30% (3 Maximum)


Recommended Spear Tree Build: 

Remember! This is a leveling focused on maintaining debuffs on your target for Exploit Weakness stacks and finishing them off like that

Weapon Abilities:



  • Deadly Ambush - +20% damage against targets that have full health.
  • Follow Through - .Gain Empower on critical hits, increasing damage by 20% for 10 seconds.



  • Rupturing Strikes - Rend increased to 10% per strike against targets above 50% health.
  • Impactful Strikes - Target is staggered if you successfully land all three hits.



  • Tenacious Sweep -  GRIT is now active during the attack.
  • Coup De Grace - Press Basic Attack during the sweep to follow-up with a powerful downward stab that deals 125% weapon damage.

General Playstyle:

This build mainly focuses on applying and maintaining bleeds and status effects on your enemies to be able to keep your buff from Exploit Weakness up for as long as you can.

While getting the Grit from Tenacious Sweep will give you the extra toughness to be able to perform your entire combo until you get the knockdown

Attribute Points:


The Spear scales with both Dexterity and Strength and we recommend going with constitution as it gives you much needed tankiness.

We recommend making the best out of the Dexterity bonus and you should prioritize it over Strength.



  • 50: +5% chance to critical hit
  • 100: +5% piercing damage
  • 150: Dodging costs 10 less stamina
  • 200: +10% bonus backstab and headshot damage


  • 50: +5% damage to melee weapon light attacks


  • 50: All consumables are +20% stronger

We recommend going for the Dexterity first since  it will have the best impact on your leveling, while still taking that 50 constitution to reduce the amount of consumable you use overall

This sums up the guide and one of the most efficient ways to level up your Spear Weapon in New World.

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