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New World Sword and Shield Leveling Build

Sword and Shield is a weapon capable of doing a lot of damage while still being tanky we give you a good build to level it up, or buy a boost from our website

New World Sword & Shield Leveling Build

The Sword and Shield mostly scales off Strength and a bit with Dexterity, is both good for dealing damage and being very tanky in general can make leveling very easy

The Sword and Shield mastery tree is split into two; Swordmaster and Defender


The Swordmaster tree focuses more on dealing damage rather than being as tanky

There are three active abilities; 

  • Whirling Blade: Deal 145.0% weapon damage to all foes within 2 meters.
  • Reverse Stab: A stab attack that deal 175.0% weapon damage.
  • Leaping Strike: Leap 6 meters and deal 135.0% weapon damage.

The Key passive in this tree is called Leadership this passive gives your entire group a 10% damage modifier as long as you are holding a sword.


The Defender tree is mostly focused around tankiness and crowd control and mostly uses the shield to deal damage

There are three active abilities;

  • Shield Rush: Rush forward 5 meters knocking back foes and dealing 125.4% weapon damage.
  • Shield Bash: Deals 50.0% weapon damage and stuns foes in front of you for 2.0s.
  • Defiant Stance: For 8s, reduce the incoming base damage from attackers by 30.0%.

The Key passive in this tree is called Defensive Formation. And this passive gives any ally within 2 meters off you a 30% damage reduction as long as you are blocking.


Recommended Sword and Shield Tree Build: 

Remember! This is a leveling focused on being tanky and blocking as many attacks as you can to reduce down time between fights!

Weapon Abilities:



  • Opportunity - Whirling Blade causes a 5% rend for 10 seconds.
  • Tactical Strike - .Whirling Blade reduces cooldown on the ability by 10% for each enemy hit.

Leaping Strike


  • Final Strike - If you hit a foe below 30% health, deal 50% more damage.

Shield Bash


  • Intimidating Bash -  Shield Bash gains greatly increased threat and deals 100% more damage.

General Playstyle:

This build mainly focuses on being some what tanky while having enough damage to crush some enemies, you should generally not be scared to keep pulling enemies before waiting for health to regen, as long as you block as many attacks you should be fine.

This is probably one of the easiest weapons to level overall due to how tanky you can become.

Attribute Points:


The Sword and Shield scales mainly with Strength and a bit off with Dexterity, your attribute points shouldn't been anything special, going for 100 Strength and the rest off in Constitution 



  • 50: +5% damage to melee weapon light attacks
  • 100: +10% damage to melee weapon heavy attacks


  • 50: All consumables are +20% stronger
  • 100: Increase max health by 10% of physical armor
  • 150: 10% reduction to critical damage taken
  • 200: 20% increase to armor

Going for 50 Strength and 50 Constitution early will make sure you are off to an easy start, 50 Strength is good for any Strength based weapons while that 50 constitution will reduce the amount of consumable you use overall

This sums up the guide and one of the most efficient ways to level up your Sword and Shield Weapon in New World.

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