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Valithria Dreamwalker Tactics and Strategy

Held captive within the Frostwing Halls of Icecrown Citadel, Valithria Dreamwalker, a green dragon, has fallen prey to the clutches of the Scourge. In this unique encounter, the mission isn't to vanquish Valithria but to nurse her back to full health while confronting relentless waves of Scourge minions.


  1. Nightmare Portal: Conjures a portal granting players entry to the Dreamstate, where Dream Clouds materialize. Partaking in these portals allows players to acquire the Emerald Vigor buff.
  2. Emerald Vigor: Replenishes mana stores and augments damage and healing output, achieved by gathering Dream Clouds within the Dreamstate.
  3. Dreamwalker’s Rage: Administers colossal Nature damage to all adjacent foes upon Valithria's restoration to full health.
  4. Fireball: Imparts Fire-inflicted damage to a single target.
  5. Lay Waste: Envelops Valithria in flames, inducing periodic Fire damage upon all adversaries.
  6. Acid Burst: Detonates, afflicting nearby enemies with Nature damage along with additional damage over time.
  7. Corrosion: Administers continuous Nature damage and reduces the armor of the afflicted target.
  8. Column of Frost: Unleashes a frosty column, dishing out Frost damage and sending enemies airborne.
  9. Frostbolt Volley: Imparts Frost-inflicted damage upon nearby foes while hindering their mobility.
  10. Mana Void: Depletes mana reserves from all nearby adversaries.
  11. Gut Spray: Induces Nature damage over time and elevates the Physical damage sustained.
  12. Suppresser: Dampens the healing received by Valithria.


General: The overarching objective is to mend Valithria's health back to its zenith. A faction of healers should focus on Valithria, while their counterparts concentrate on sustaining the raid's vitality. The emergence of adds from the room's portals is an ever-intensifying threat. A meticulously orchestrated approach to handling these adds constitutes a pivotal component of the raid's triumph.

Nightmare Portals:

  • At half-minute intervals, Valithria unfurls portals leading to the Dreamstate. Healers should give precedence to these portals to capture Dream Clouds, thereby procuring the Emerald Vigor buff. Within the Dreamstate, players should navigate through green orbs to maximize their Emerald Vigor stacks.


  • A medley of add types will appear, each endowed with distinctive abilities and priorities. The raid should concentrate on Blazing Skeletons first, followed by Zombies, Archmages, and ultimately, Abominations.
  • Promptly dispatch Suppressors, for they curtail Valithria's healing reception.
  • Tanks should maneuver themselves to engage Archmages and Abominations, while ranged DPS can divert their attention to Suppressors and Zombies.


  • The raid should bifurcate into two clusters, one stationed on each side of Valithria. Each group assumes responsibility for managing the adds spawned on their respective side.
  • Healers entrusted with the care of Valithria should station themselves in her vicinity, ensuring they remain within reach to access the Dreamstate portals.


  • Effective communication is pivotal, particularly for healers entering the Dreamstate. Maximizing the accumulation of Emerald Vigor stacks can appreciably expedite the encounter.
  • Tanks and DPS should exhibit astute awareness of the diverse add types and be poised to adjust their prioritization accordingly.
  • Any class equipped with healing abilities should render aid in Valithria's healing endeavors whenever the opportunity arises, as every morsel of healing contributes significantly.
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